Google chrome extension install error in UiPath Studio

A lot of times while designing process automation using web applications we tend to get this error saying enable google chrome extension.

Now let’s see how we can install google chrome extension in UiPath:

Step1: Open UiPath studio and click on the home
(if you already created a process) and then click on the tools option, as shown below:

google chrome extension

Step2: Now on the right you can find the chrome extension option click on that to add the UiPath chrome extension to your chrome browser as shown below:

google chrome extension

Step3: After clicking on that close all your browser tabs then it will ask you to add the extension at the right corner just click on add extension.

Step4: Now we added a chrome extension to our browser and you can check that from here which is shown below:

google chrome extension

Make sure it is enabled that indicates the UiPath web automation extension is added successfully.

Now you can able to automate the web application using UiPath.

But sometimes after enabling the extension also we may not be able to select the required element on the screen.

If you are facing the same issue then what will be the solution for this?

One thing which worked in this type of scenario is to remove the extension which is added early and then try repeating the same procedure again.

There is another error that usually pops up in these scenarios is mentioned below:

Error#4: Installation failed

As far as i am concern there are less chances of getting this scenario.

But the solution that I figured out when I have seen this error in one of the community members is as follows:

This may not be the case with everyone but it worked for him that is disabling the anti-virus software in his pc.

These are some of the chrome extensions issues and their resolutions.

Happy Learning!

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