Knowledge Boosters on UiPath

Do you really want to be good at RPA?

Learn these short and simple knowledge Boosters on UiPath.

Which will help you to get better and faster while designing automation processes.

What is UiPath?

UiPath is a RPA Tool.

Which is used to design automation processes for manual or repetitive tasks.

It is a low code platform i.e A drag and drop activities are available for designing automation process.

What are main components of UiPath?

  • UiPath studio
  • Orchestrator
  • Robot

What is UiPath Studio?

UiPath Studio is a place where we design our automation processes with UiPath tool.

It has a visual designer panel where you can drag and drop activities to design a automation process.

It is a place where you can create different types of processes like background process, orchestration process etc and also you can create a reusable components.

Finally, you can also debug or run your automation process from UiPath studio.

Which is also called as attended automation.

What is Orchestrator?

UiPath orchestrator is a place where you can

  • Schedule Jobs
  • Trigger 
  • Monitor
  • Check Logs
  • Store data like credentials

and many more advantages by using UiPath orchestartor.

Basically it is a place where you can schedule, trigger and monitor the automation processes that are developed in UiPath Studio.

This process of scheduling the automation process is also called as UnAttended automation.

What is Robot?

UiPath Robot is a execution host which runs processes that are built in UiPath Studio.

We need to establish a connection between UiPath Studio and Robot by using UiPath orchestrator which has the Machine Key.

Why UiPath is more popular than other RPA tools?

  • UiPath has a community version available for users to practice and learn.
  • It has a community forum support available which has much more information than other tools. Not visited the forum yet click here.
  • The UiPath learning academy also plays a major role here.
  • The capability of single stop solution for every automation process. 
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