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A lot of times when we are automating a process that requires a random number to be generated for completing the process automation.

In this article let’s see how we can create a random number or a list of random numbers in the Power automate desktop.

Let’s get into the practical implementation of this task:

Step1: Go to the actions panel and where you can find variables category in that you need to select generate random number activity as shown below:

random number

Let’s discuss about parameters:

  • Minimum value: provide the value from where you want the number to be started.
  • Maximum value: Provide the value from where it won’t exceed that number while creating the random numbers.
  • Generate multiple numbers: This option will allow us to create a list of random numbers.
  • Variables produced: This is the output variable that is produced with random numbers. If you want you can change the name of the variable.

Step2: The output of this generate random number generator activity is shown below:

random number

Now let’s see how we can generate a list of random numbers:

Step1: Click on the generate multiple numbers toggle button as shown below:

random number

Let’s discuss about the parameters:

  • How many numbers: Provide the count of random numbers that you want to create. (In this example we are creating a list of 2 random numbers)
  • Allow duplicate: If you allow this option there might be a chance that the two generated random numbers be the same.
  • Variables produced: Here it produces an output variable which is a list of numeric values.

Step2: The output of this list of random numbers which is generated by this activity is shown below:

random number

This is how we can complete this task and use different numbers wherever required during the execution of process automation in real-time projects.

Happy Learning!

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