Extract Product, Price, Rating, URL from Amazon to excel

In this article, we are performing data scraping of product name, price, rating, url from Amazon to csv or excel using Robocorp.

To achieve this task we are using python as well.

Task Details:

  • Open Amazon.in browser
  • Search for mobiles
  • Extract the required details from amazon
  • Store those details in excel or csv

You can check the below mentioned video for reference:

The code that is shown in the video is given below:


*** Settings ***
Documentation     Template robot main suite.
Library    RPA.Browser.Selenium
Library    RPA.Tables
Library    DataScraper
Library    Collections

*** Variables ***
@{headers}=    Name    Price    Rating    URL

*** keywords ***
Opening Amazon browser
    Open Available Browser    https://www.amazon.in/s?k=mobiles&crid=3TO1931SQACQ8&sprefix=mobile%2Caps%2C367&ref=nb_sb_noss_1  maximized=True    alias=FirstBrowser
    Sleep    2s

DataScraping Results    
    ${data}=    Get WebElements   //div[contains(@class, "s-result-item s-asin")]
    ${amazonData}    Create List

    FOR    ${element}    IN    @{data}
        Capture Element Screenshot   ${element}
        ${text}=    Get result text    ${element}
        ${price}=    Get Result Price    ${element}
        ${url}=    Get result url    ${element} 
        ${rating}=    Get Result rating    ${element}     
        ${amazonList}=    Create List    ${text}    ${price}    ${rating}    ${url}   
        Append To List    ${amazonData}    ${amazonList}
    [Return]    ${amazonData}
*** Tasks ***
Datascraping Demo 
    Opening Amazon browser
    ${amazonData}=    DataScraping Results
    ${Amazontable}=    Create Table    ${amazonData}    columns=@{headers}
    Write Table To Csv    ${Amazontable}    ${CURDIR}${/}output${/}AmazonData.csv


def get_result_text(result) -> str:
        return result.find_element_by_tag_name("h2").text
        return ""

def get_result_url(result) -> str:
    link = result.find_element_by_tag_name("a")
    return link.get_attribute("href")

def get_result_price(result) -> str:
        return result.find_element_by_class_name("a-price-whole").text
        return ""
def get_result_rating(result) -> str:
        rating = result.find_element_by_xpath('.//div[@class="a-row a-size-small"]/span')
        return rating.get_attribute("aria-label")
        return ""

The output of the above code looks like this:

extract amazon to excel

Happy Learning!

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