Click generic error or UI element is not valid in UiPath

There are several reasons why click generic error or UI element is not a valid exception will appear.

In this article we will see potential fixes for this error.

We will discuss about four different ways how we can fix this error.

1. Application Responsiveness:

While performing the automation we will use a web application or a windows application or some other applications.

Where we need to click on elements in order to navigate to different pages/ screens.

While performing those clicks if the application is responding on time or the navigation to other page/ screen is slow then click activity will wait for some time and returns UI element is not found an error.

The potential fix for this will be :

Use delay in between one click and other click.

Two ways to add delay between activities. They are

  • By using delay activity.
  • By using Delay Before and Delay After which are the default properties of click activity.

2. Element is not visible:

When we are trying to click on a particular element or object that should be visible for the robot to click.

If that application is not responding or the navigation to the next page or screen is not done.

Practically in order to complete the click, the element should be visible on the screen, which is missing in this case.

The potential fix for this will be:

Make sure all the elements that you are trying to click are visible on the screen for a robot.

3. Element is visible but covered by another element:

This is also another scenario where you might encounter the click generic error.

When we want to click on an element on the page or screen. But, after navigating to that screen the element that we are trying to click is covered with another element.

The potential fix for this will be:

There are two properties in click activity. They are

  • SimulateType
  • SendWindowMessages

The below are the properties in click activity:


For the above scenario when the actual click element is hiding under another element then enable SimulateType property.

When you want to enter some data in a command prompt it is better if you check the SendWindowMessages property.

4. Clear cache:

If none of the above-mentioned ways were not working for you then clear the cache of the browser and system.

Now try again in UiPath Studio.

These were some of the potential reasons for the click generic error or UI element is not found that I have experienced so far in rpa journey.

Happy Learning!

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