How many ways we can create a File in UiPath

While we are automating a process creating files is a very useful part of your automation process.

In this post let us see two ways of creating a File in UiPath.

First method is by using UiPath Activities

Activity Name : Create File

By using this activity you can create a file by passing some properties

  • Folder Location -The folder where you want to create a File.
  • File Name -The Name of the file you want to create.

Pass these properties as shown below

Now we will see the second way of creating file by using Invoke Method

Activity Name : Invoke Method

  • Take an Invoke Method Activity and set the Target Type as System.IO.File
  • Now enter the MethodName as Create
  • Now we need to pass the path of the file which is going to be created.
  • Go to properties panel of Invoke Method Activity and in parameter property create an input argument and pass the file path as shown below.

Where filepath is the path with the filename which is going to be created after executing this activity.

From this post you have learned two ways of creating a file in uipath.

Any feedback will be very appreciated and gives us more ideas on which topics to focus more on.

Happy Learning!

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