How to Switch from Studio to Studiox in UiPath Studio

There are three different profiles that you can choose.

Based on that you will see your UiPath Studio designer panel.

What are the three profiles?

  • UiPath Studio Pro
  • UiPath Studio
  • UiPath StudioX

Let’s see what each individual profile mean:

UiPath Studio Pro

This is the most advanced Studio IDE license offering which in addition to studio comes bundled with testing tools, advanced RPA features, and coding services.

UiPath Studio

This is for the users looking to build complex unattended or attended process automation.

It is also ideal for users with prior programming experience.

UiPath StudioX:

For business users looking to automate tasks for themselves and their immediate teams.

It is ideal for users with limited or no experience writing code.

Now, you know about the three different profiles that you can select and start creating bots.

How we can change UiPath Studio to UiPath StudioX?

Step1: On the start page of the UiPath Studio you will find an option for settings.

Step2: Click on License and Profile

Step3: Click on View or Change Profile

The above three steps can be find in the below image:


After completing these steps you will see this window where you can switch from your current profile to a new profile of the studio as shown below:


If you are a UiPath Studio user then wanting to convert to Studiox then click on UiPath StudioX in that window.

Which then asks you for a restart of UiPath Studio.

After the completion of the restart, you can able to see the profile of UiPath Studio that you choose.

Happy Learning!

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