Knowledge Boosters on Variables in UiPath

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What is a variable?

Variables are used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program.

They also provide a way of labeling data with a descriptive name, so our programs can be understood more clearly by the reader and ourselves.

It is helpful to think of variables as containers that hold information.

Their sole purpose is to label and store data in memory.

This data can then be used throughout your program.

Different ways of creating a variable?

In UiPath Studio designer panel, we can find a variable panel where you can find create variable option in order to create a variable.

By pressing ctrl+k in the output property of an activity also you can create a variable.

The main use of creating a variable by using the above mentioned method is by default the variable type is set to the required output variable type.

In the of first method you need to set the variable type.


Mostly used variable types in UiPath?

  • Boolean
  • String
  • Generic
  • DataTable
  • Int32
  • Object
  • DateTime
  • Array
  • Dictionary

What is Generic Variable?

Generic variable is something which holds a string value or a integer value.

Example: The input for an activity is a string the output of previous activity is integer then keeping the variable type as generic helps.

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