What are the different stages of an RPA project

When it comes to the different stages of an RPA project there are mainly six stages.

The different stages are mentioned below:

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Project Governance
  • Documentation and Design
  • Workflow Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hypercare

Let’s discuss various steps that are involved in each stage.

Infrastructure Setup :

  • Designing the server architecture.
  • Installing and configuring the designed architecture.
  • Setting up Dev, Test and Production environments.

Project Governance :

  • Agreeing with client on the project development approach.
  • Reviewing the RPA best practices.
  • Analyzing the process pipeline.
  • Getting started with process walkthroughs.

Documentation and Design :

  • Creating the process design document (PDD).
  • Gathering test data and creating test cases.
  • Designing the rpa solution structure or solution design document (SDD) for that business process.

Workflow Development :

  • Building or developing the workflows for that business process.
  • Performing the unit and functional testing.
  • Creting the development specification document or the technical design document (TDD).

Quality Assurance :

  • Executing the test cases that are prepared in earlier stages.
  • Consolidating all the results of testing and report the results.
  • Making the decision to move the process to production environment or not basing on the test results.

Hypercare :

  • Providing the support for the designed process which is moved to production.
  • Managing the changes and improvements for that process if any after moving to production.

These are the main stages that are involved in every rpa project.

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