How to read emails from outlook in UiPath

When we are doing automation of a business process definitely there will be a scenario where you need to work with outlook and read outlook emails.

So this will be the first step where you read the emails from outlook.

What is the activity used for this?

Activity Name : Get Outlook Mail Message

By using this activity you can read emails from outlook using UiPath.

get outlook mail message

What are the properties you need to set for different scenarios?

The first and main property is Mail Folder: where you need to give from which folder you want to retrieve the mail from.

In Account: there is no necessity of providing any input for this property if you are using only one outlook instance.

read outlook emails

Finally here is the options property where you can alter different conditions based on the business process.

Now, let us see how we can do that:


Here you can filter the emails based on the time when the mail was received time or a particular date.


If you want to read the emails but don’t want to mark them as read then you need to uncheck this if checked.

If you want to make the mail as read after reading that mail using Get Outlook Mail Message then it needs to be checked.


If you want to read only unread mails and ignore the emails which are already read then you have to check this checkbox.

If you want to read all the emails from the inbox then uncheck this checkbox.


If you read a certain number of emails from your inbox then this is the place where you can mention that it only allows integer values.

Finally, where all of these read emails will be stored?

They will be stored in the form of List<MailMessage>

It is a List that stores all the read mails from Mail Folder.

That’s it for this post on how to read mails from outlook in UiPath.

Happy Learning!

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