Interview experience in UiPath tool by Aziz

Here is one of the interview experience in UiPath and the questions that he faced in the interview:

Name: Abdul Aziz khan J

Company Name: abc

Tool: UiPath

Interview Experience:

Hi Friends,

I am sharing my interview questions on UiPath what I have faced:

1. Introduce yourself?

2. How many projects have you completed in UiPath?

3. What Is RPA?

4. Why UiPath, not any other automation tool in the market?

5. Advantages of UiPath?

6. Difference between excel application scope and Write range?

7. Difference between Sequence, state machine, and flow chart?

8. What are selectors?

9. What is data scraping and screen scraping?

10. What is an orchestrator?

11. What are processes and jobs?

12. What is PDF automation?

13. What is an anchor base?

14. When to use filter data table and Merge data table activities?

15. What is EMAIL automation?

16. How to extract data from Html codes?

17. Some project-based scenarios to explain the process flow?

18. Some activities they asked which were not related to UiPath?


Interview experience rating: 5/10

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